An act of kindness for...

Pay a stranger's way

With all the poverty in South Africa, it's not possible to help everybody, but every little bit helps. Every week when we take the rubbish out, there are people who come and rummage through your bin. They take whatever they can use or sell for recycling purposes. These guys are known as the trolley people due to the trolleys they push. We are so used to them that they are almost invisible. Many people don't like them since they sometimes make a mess on the sidewalk. What also makes them almost invisible is the fact that, with their dark skin colour and dirty clothes, you cannot always see them in dark. And in winter they come early before the sun is up. This puts them at risk of being run over by motorists who don't see them. So I bought a whole lot of cheap reflective vests in bulk. Every time I drive by an almost invisible trolley guy, I open the window and hand them a vest. They are always so grateful and most of them put the vest on immediately. It's good to see a smile on someone's face who doesn't have a lot to smile about.

  • South Africa