It was few years ago. Once I and my wife was entering a super market in Muscat where we live since long time. I have noticed an old man who looked very pale wearing very old dress. I could make out his conditions. While shopping inside the shop I was observing him. He picked up few snacks and a drink. Afte my purchase I have reached the counte belt. The old man came and stood next to us. He too kept th food items on the belt. While paying my items, I looked his face and asked him "Shall I pay for you? " He nodded his head. I paid for total items. I heard him "Thank God, Bless you." I was very happy to hear blessings. After shopping we took som time to reach near the car. He was there again sitting on the floor in front of the store and eating. Seeing him in that plight my wife felt sorry and she gave him additonal snacks. I always look around for a chance to do small helps to people around me. I get very high satifaction by doing so. God has sent us here t help the unprevileged people.

  • Oman