I work along side a blind gentleman, (Robert F. Smith) . He has a heart of gold, so last month we decided to reach out to the blind and visually impaired community. What we didn't know is how this would change our lives . The blind are over 15 million strong, yet over 90% will never have a job. Therefore we created a group on facebook with the intention of having a website to compliment our group. We have one focus, to assist the blind and visually impaired for free to set up attainable goals and reach their dreams. We didn't advertise but go thru word of mouth. This has grown to over 100 blind people so far. We are about finished with our website and it is amazing to see the dreams that are being set up. We now have been invited to join other groups which have over 20,000 blind people who are using the internet. It is an exciting adventure. By the way, the blind gentleman I spoke of...last year he walk 450 miles, (1466,022 steps) while crossing parts of Death Valley to obtain a service dog for a child with severe autism and diabetes, (the dog is being trained now) did free concerts for Veterans and he distributed over 500 sock puppets to children with life-threatenng challenges and kids who struggle each day just to have a smile. We are very excited about being a part of this website. We wish we would of come here before.

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