I was at the train station in Philly, and a man asked to borrow my phone in a hurry and seemed really upset and stressed. He was calling his family to ask for a new train ticket because he spent all his cash on the wrong ticket hours before and the train station wouldn't let him change it and he was stranded. He told his family the ticket was $20. After some back and forth, for some reason his family couldn't help him get a ticket. We talked for a little bit and I ended up giving him $20 to buy a ticket and he was really grateful. My friend I was with said he hoped the man was telling the truth. In my experience, it's common to be a little skeptical, especially with money, of what the intent and story really is. Either way, giving him the $20 to get him out of his feelings of distress in that moment felt like the right thing to do and felt positive for both of us.

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