It all started when Renee and Rhea's beloved grandfather was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis in India.

Their grandfather was a chain smoker from the age of 14 in order to burn the candle at both ends. He worked during the day and attend a night school, in order to support his mom and sister.

He could not afford a lung transplant or an expensive private hospital. Renee and Rhea were left helpless watching her grandpa gasping for breath as he died right before her eyes. This shook the very fibre of their being at the tender age of 10.

From that day onwards they made a strong decision to help youth addicted to smoking.

This led them to Co-Found WINGS OF HOPE at the age of 15.

WINGS OF HOPE is a YOUTH led organization to educate and help youth addicted to VAPING. Wherein the youth can write a SECRET LETTER and share the trauma they are facing and ask for help through her Instagram Page @wings_ofhope.

When Renee and Rhea conducted a survey, they found 85% of students from ages 12-17 years were hooked on to flavoured E-Cigarettes. 97% of students use flavoured e-cigarettes as the 1st tobacco product.
They were spending sleepless nights as she watched her peers who were minors vape during school.
On researching, they observed that E-Cigarette Company JUUL exploited social media like Instagram, and Youtube to target underage teenagers where middle and high school students live.

One day they received a SECRET LETTER from a 17-year-old teenager 1 month before his death due to VAPING through her SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT - WINGS OF HOPE.

They tried advising 17-year-old teenager to give up vaping, but he found it very difficult to fight his addiction. By then, the disease had taken full control over his body. It was too late, she felt very guilty, she could not save his life.

They received the bad news of his death when she was invited to her best friend sweet 16th birthday. To add to her sorrow, suddenly, this friend dropped down unconscious right before her eyes. On medical investigation, it was found that her lungs had collapsed due to vaping JUUL for one year.

In memory of her 17-year-old Instagram friend who died due to VAPING and 16-year-old best friend who collapsed due to VAPING on her SWEET 16 Birthday, they traded her 17th-year-old birthday presents to save lives of youth due to vaping. They asked all their well-wishers to donate to her favourite charity St Jude Hospital as her BIRTHDAY GIFT.

Renee says “Of all the years, I felt that this was the best way to celebrate my Birthday - FOR A WORTHY CAUSE BIGGER THAN MYSELF”.

But, they felt they could not remain silent anymore and watch her friends die prematurely due to vaping.
Renee and Rhea has given talks in schools and youth conferences, composed song and positively impacted the youth through her talent of singing and speaking.

They have played a major key role in spreading awareness through her SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS to the youth about the bad effects of Vaping all around the globe.

Renee and Rhea have made Youtube Videos and written letters to President Donald Trump, E-Cigarette Company JUUL, Governor of New York to ban Flavoured E-Cigarettes.

Due to the magnitude of her actions, it brought about a powerful change and created a SNOWBALL EFFECT.
New York was the first State to ban Flavoured E-Cigarette in the USA.
E-CIGARETTE Company JUUL Companies decided to withdraw all marketing campaigns targeting the youth.
Donald Trump is passing a law to ban Flavoured E-Cigarettes in the USA.
This was a Eureka moment. It was a moment of celebration and jubilation.
At the age of 15, she had created a powerful impact and was instrumental in saving the lives of youth addicted to VAPING.

Renee and Rhea has helped over 1,00,000 youth addicted to VAPING globally from countries such as Malawi, Nigeria, Mexico, Columbia, France, Italy, Pakistan, India, through her organisation WINGS OF HOPE.

Their programs and initiatives teach young people how to live their best lives through healthy lifestyle choices.

Renee and Rhea are engaging, educating, and empowering a happier, healthier future generation! She is an inspiration!

“Renee and Rhea are shining example for all of us. It proves a youth like Renee and Rhea can use her voice to change the world.”

They are true heroine who needs to be recognized for their good work.

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