Going to share about receiving it maybe some of this was giving it as well. I grew up in the foster care system until I aged out. Most of my life I had very few people. In 2011, I met this guy after my first marriage failed. His name was Willard. He was an elderly guy how was an academic dean at one point, a professor, a pastor, and he had written several books as well. I was severally depressed (and still am as I write this) when I met him... and didn't even have a place to live. He helped me find a place and paid for it for quite a number of months. During this time I did help him in his yard a lot as he was getting older (this year, 2019, he was 81). I helped him garden as well. But a huge project was his book collection. His kids and wife had been on him for years ever since he had his first heart attack (this year was 20 years ago when he had it in 2019) to do something with his massive book collection of over 5000 books. I started helping him list them on Amazon for him to sell and make some money, though every book was hard for him to list. We sold about half of them by the way. During the years, we met a lot and chatted, and had many meals at his favorite Chinese restaurant. He always got the same thing and the servers wrote it before he asked: Chicken with Vegetables low salt, no MSG, and steamed rice. He paid for all of these by the way... although last summer I did take him to a Thai restaurant along with his wife that they also like to go to. I will admit this year especially, I noticed him slow down a lot. I saw him last Friday and he passed away on Wednesday the next week. It was a shock as he had said he was great at the store I ran into him at, and the day before the cardiologist said he was doing well and keep doing what you are doing. The next day, he went for his morning walk, and just died. While I didn't have parents growing up, Willard became like a family member to me and about the closest I had to a father figure. The picture is of him.

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