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Treat yourself

I experienced a loss of a guy named Willard Swartley this week. I met him in 2011 and he became like a family member and a father I never had. I grew up in the foster case system and lacked parents.

Couldn't sleep tonight, so I saw this challenge and thought I would do this. I made my favorite dish: pork and chiles, which is a khmer recipe I got in college... sort of. I had a friend that commuted from home and his parents were from Cambodia. The frequently had me over and I often helped his dad as there was a lot he struggled with not knowing English and being a 1 generation who immigrated here.

In there culture they wouldn't let me cook, but I did try and observe the mom make this dish and have kind of come up with my own and some added variants. Tonight, I added some tomatoes and cilantro, which was a suggestion of the Hispanics I teach English to at a local church Thursday nights. It's not the best picture though.

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