I am on a Facebook group for teachers that teach online ESL to kids and adults mostly in China, Taiwan, and Japan. One issue many of us who work there have is the rating system. We can review past feedback teachers give student after a class. Also students can rate us for our teaching and we have to maintain a 9.0/10 to keep working there. Often times when we get less than a 9, it is usually due to tech issues on the student's end, or they come late (I've had students show up with a minute left and they rate low as I couldn't finish the lesson in a minute). One teacher posted this on it and one teacher saw this and complained about the teacher. What is said is in the photo.

One person responded to it this way:
but teaching is about the child is it not? So what if the person got a bad rating? As long as I did my job, I would sleep better at night. The rating system blinds people to what truly is important, the kids.

So I posted this reply:
I'll admit there are many issues, while we shouldn't write this way, and there are better ways you can say it, the issue is the person must be frustrated with the rating system. Be nice if I knew who he/she was as I'd invite them to participate in my 30 day challenge as after the first few days, I've stopped worrying about them mostly. But you are right: our job is to do our best to teach the students.

The 30 day challenge is a thing I am getting people to try where we don't even check them until the last class is taught for you on the 30th.

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