I did this the other day, but I decided to add some more. When I did this the other day, I put a sticky note on my computer that said, "You're doing your best." Today I added to more to my computer. All are mostly due to the fact that I teach online ESL and our students rate our performance. The company wants us to be above a 9.0 out of 10 average and preferably 9.5 or above. I've been above that for a while... but it is hard to not worry about a low rating... especially as usually low ratings are due to "tiger" moms, tech issues on their end, and even their own mood can factor. I am also doing a challenge where I don't check them for a month which this Saturday, the group will be half way there. Today was hard not to as my first three classes there were issues with the sound and I couldn't hear these three students for the classes (the classes were 1-1). I mostly just became like Dora, showed images using Manycam, and tried to get them to use the pencil to write... but only one student did this. So this will remind me that I am doing my best, I'm awesome, and ratings don't define you!

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