This feels great. Someone who works for me reached out to me on social media at the company I work for and were frustrated about a low rating they got. They were considering doing the 30 day challenge to not check ratings but now they aren't sure I told this person this as they were concerned about an upcoming pay raise:

Sorry to hear about the low scores that bites. How close to that raise are you as I think they mostly go by the last 200 I could be wrong. From what you told me your rating seems fine though even with the 8.

I guess my question for you is this regarding the challenge: if you’re doing your best and then some kid/parent/ adult for whatever reasons gives you an 8 or less will that change anything? So guess what I’m saying is that if you’re doing your best, and they still aren’t happy then they’ll do it regardless... also if you aren’t focused on the rating, you may be performing better and not be thinking about every little thing you do: is that going to give me an 8 or less?

Either way I appreciate you reaching out to me and let me know what you decide as you seem awesome!

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