Saw a post on Facebook at the Facebook group of the company I work for and he posted this:

So sad. I was steadily getting my ratings up to a safe zone. Now somebody gave me a 3. Maybe i am not meant for the low pay and these frigging ratings stress.

So I told them this:
how long you been at ITG? It is hard your first couple months. For example, my first month I had 9.20 then second 9.25. Third was 9.60. While I agree not everyone may be cut out for online teaching, if you're new hang in there... Try attending some CLT's, watch some youtube videos, ask for help here, and my biggest tip: if you aren't using manycam consider getting it and learning to use it as there is a lot you can do and it helped jump my ratings in my third month (been at ITG for year in January coming up).

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