I teach ESL online to kids in China, Taiwan, and Japan (there's more places but mostly those three). I taught one kid today who was level 8 (12 is the highest the levels go at the company I work for). I showed a picture of a girl giving a boy a flower (seen in the picture). I asked what he saw and he told me a girl giving a flower to a boy. I then said "She is being ____ to the boy." and wrote it on the white board on the computer (the screen we teach on is called the white board). He said the word was kind. I then asked for a way he has seen kindness today. He struggled with it. Could have been the language barrier. I then showed him my sticky note on my computer that says, "You're awesome!!" and told him sometimes we need to find ways to be kind to ourselves. I then asked if he had a way he has been kind to himself today. He told me for dinner he ate some of his favorite foods.

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