My name is Evan and I am a junior volunteer with the NYCACC. I go to the shelter every weekend to read to the homeless pets that have been lost, abused or abandoned. My goal is to soothe them and calm them so that their stay at the shelter is not as bad. They are scared and frustrated and some of them are even at risk. I try to work with the more challenging pets so that they never make it to the risk list and they have a chance at a better life. I have been posting my experience on Instagram hoping to showcase how amazing these animals are. I've also included this in my school science fair project showing the effects of kindness and the impact of reading to dogs.This has inspired a lot of other kids to give their time to something or someone that needs it more and my school is interested in learning more about what I do. I will be doing a tour of the shelter with my class to try to inspire them. I hope to one day save all the dogs and get them all into a loving home.
In the meantime, for Giving Tuesday - I am ordering some supplies for the animals I read to and I am being given the chance to personally distribute the blankets and toys and treats to these pets. I am excited to do this because I get to be their friend for the day if never get a chance to have one. I truly love what I do and I only wish I could help more.
If you would like more information on what I've been doing please check out @eb_and_the_pets on Instagram. I would like to continue my mission to spread kindness.

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