Two years ago it occurred to me that just volunteering time is great, but what if it could be more? so two years ago within my company I initiated a great way to volunteer without giving only time. over the last two years ( and many many more to come) we as a company have donated hundreds of dollars in items, books and clothing to the Oakland County Childrens villiage. troubled youth is just as important as anyone else if not more. to give these kids some hope. they are not with their families during the holidays and that can be hard. I believe that by giving these kids some love they can overcome the struggles they face. they can be stronger. by just one stranger or a group of strangers that they will never meet but know someone out there cares is a gift to children. To all people. LCI cares and we will continue this tradition as long as we are a company. in my heart of hearts i know we have impacted these kids.

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