I will not be telling a story of something I have done. instead I will be telling you about three people in my life who have made me believe in myself. I have heart problems which means I am not always at my best. last year I had an accident. I was missing work, worried about my job, my home and my kids Christmas. The first man I would like to thank is a kind man with nothing but compassion in his heart.
I was given a random act of kindness last year at our work Christmas party a gift so I could still get my kids presents and pay my bills and keep my home. I have never felt more humbled nor so much gratitude as I did that day. Even still he continues to help me whenever I need it. To have someone care for me when they don't have to means a great deal to me.Thank you Rob. The second and third person are great friends who listens to my problems, work with me when I cannot see a brighter day. Give me honest advice and will always be there for me. Thank you Tony and Yousif for being everything I need and more. to my three Bosses my friends , I wouldn't be able to go on without you three. Thank you for always being there and seeing the good in me when I can't see it in myself. you three are without a doubt three of the best people I know. I hope to pay it forward when you need me. all my love.
The girl you bet on, and put faith in. Samantha.

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