An act of kindness for...

Forgive Yourself

i forgive you. and by you i mean me. for holding the worst in for so long. for hating myself and not understanding why. for letting you take that part of me. for the years of lies and pain. this is for you holly. i forgive you. i hope i'm strong enough to forget you one day. i am sorry to me for learning the feeling of guilt before i was ever guilty of anything. i was a child, you took advantage of me. being sexually abused for years by someone i called my family. i forgive me for not letting you know our beautiful wonderful sister, i forgive me for not letting her know you exist. I forgive me for letting it go for so long and for letting you go. i hope your life is filled with remorse and sadness for what you have done. i prey to god you are never given children because that is the day i will forgive myself for telling my story to your family. lets hope that day never comes. because if it does i will forgive me. i dont think that you will have such luck.

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