Kindness is something that I am hyper aware of. If there is an opportunity for me to make someone else’s day brighter, I jump on that opportunity. I recently had to go to a doctor visit and during my ultrasound I was talking to the gentleman. We were talking about being parents and I mentioned to him that I write children’s books about kindness and acceptance. He looked at me (as if he recognized me) and then asked if I was in a certain office in a nearby city six months prior. Strangely enough I remembered being there. He said that his autistic daughter was having a meltdown and I left my children with my husband and went to my car and grabbed one of my books to give to her. He said that that moment was so special. What I love the most is that my act of kindness from six months prior, was returned back to me. I left that office feeling so positive and grateful.

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