Kindness for me is a genuine act and very heartwarming gesture. I believe in peace, hope, and love, that they have great power to change the world, but sometimes it takes a lot of courage to have them inside of you. Whenever I feel kindness around me, especially when I did something good. I feel liberated at some point. In simply taking good care of yourself for the ones you love will less worried about you. Listening to some people without giving a feedback (some others do not really ask to hear your opinion, they just need someone they can vent to). Giving the truth they need when they think everything is a lie. Let a friend say back what you said to them when they needed those words, and now they made you remember what you taught to them. Respecting differences that makes everyone free to show their beautiful true self. Understanding everyone are having a bad days, and try to understand them a more deeper, on what they been going through. Doing your best everyday to spread kindness has a great impact that can show others that it exist, and to bring hope on those people who used or refuse to believe by its magic.

  • Philippines