one day when i was walking home from coming back from school there was this lay that i knew that lived acrros the street from me and that had a dog. She was coming back from the store and i think she had some groceries. So i got closer to her and asked if she neded help she said she did and i helped her with some of her bags and we were talking while walking home. She said that they were really low on money and that she ahd to be strugguling and that she even had to sit down in the lights to get some money. She siad she also had a problem with her nee because she had fell from walking down the steps becuase she was getting waker and waker all the time and that she did not have enogh money to get what she needed. When i got home i talked to my mom about it and seh told some of our neighbors and we all got money togetehr to help her with her problems and i could see the happines in her face when we gave her all the money. That was arandom act of kindness that i have done for someone else and i feel so good for that and i am pretty sure that everyone that did soemthing for that lady does too. It is easy to do it you have to just set your mind to it like a goal and get some people that you know that can to help you.

  • Mexico