I live out in the forest and although I travel a ton, I'm home this week so I had to get creative here. I just received and read this brand new book by Simon Sinek. LOVE it. Although it's tough to part with such magic, I placed it on my door step for the mail person to take. I've gotten to know this individual a bit. He comes almost every day with Amazon deliveries (secretly my husband and I are allergic to driving to town and shopping in physical stores) and because we live pretty far out in the forest so it's probably not the most convenient spot on his route. This small, quick act started my day off with a smile. It almost feels selfish to do this. Is 'selfish serotonin' a thing? ;) I now plan to surprise the mail person from time to time because it makes me feel good.

Imagine where this book might end up if it's re-gifted over and over. I also wrote a small note inside with my social media handles and # hashtag so people can post their stories as it falls into their hands.

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