My train pulled into a station and a man in a wheelchair needed to get off. This train employee (pictured here) appeared at the door, addressed the wheelchair user by name with a big smile and a big welcome which told me that this was a regular occurrence. The train employee had to carry a heavy metal ramp and set it up for the wheelchair to get off the train. The man in the wheelchair was profoundly disabled and didn't say much but the train guy still laughed and joked with him. I was so impressed by how kind and jolly this guy was that I ran to the door and took his photo telling him he was a great guy. He said "thanks man!" and we laughed together as he posed for the photo.

The act of kindness here was reall by the train guy but our little moment with the photo seemed to make him happy and appreciated. Nobody else saw him being this kind and I think he liked it that I noticed and told him he was great. It felt good to share a moment with this lovely man.

  • United Kingdom