After a two-year-long battle of self-destruction, I had isolated and cut myself off from every person who was dear to me. I didn't want them to see the chaos that I had entangled myself in and I definitely didn't want to involve them. Even more, though, I didn't want to hear them tell me I was better than what I was doing. At a breaking point, I spent 10 days in the hospital recovering my mental health. I knew I had to change and couldn't do it without the people who had loved and shaped me over the years. After I discharged, I swallowed my pride and reached out to 3 of my dearest friends, not even sure what their reaction would be. I told them how much they meant to me, how special they were to the world and how they saved my life without even knowing so. That started a chain reaction of me making sure that every person in my life knows how grateful I am for them. The difference it's made in mine and my people's lives is amazing; continuous love and gratitude makes you want to CONTINUE showing love and gratitude.

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