It was a very simple thing, I was taking a bunch of recycling to the recycle center. When my son and I arrived, there was one person ahead of us. I could tell he was homeless, he had a few meager cans probably a few dollars worth. I regularly get about $30 for my recycling. After unloading all our bags I walked over to the man and told him to take all of my recycling. He just looked at me and asked, are you serious? I said yes, he then began to cry and said thank you and God bless. I told him the same and wished him well. I know it wasn't a very big thing but I think if we all just remember to do small things all the time that can be something great. The feeling I got from that and the lesson my son learned were far more valuable than the $30 dollars I would have received. This happened a few years ago and I haven't shared this story with anyone except my family. The reason I'm sharing today is because I think we can get busy and caught up in our own lives and that's okay but sometimes opportunities present themselves and we should all try to act on them when they do. A little love and kindness can truly go a long way.

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