I had been married for 35 years and 28 days when my husband and love of my life passed away from esophageal cancer. By the time the doctors realized what he had wrong, there was no stopping it and he only lived 7 months more. I prayed every day for a miracle, but the wish was not granted for us. I never want anyone else to suffer needlessly when there is something someone can do for them. About a year after Bill passed away, I was reading a Facebook note and it was a sign a little girl wrote and put on her front lawn. It read, "Please help my daddy, he needs a new kidney. If you are type O, can you please help?" I paused only a second and thought, why not me? Why can't I help this 10 year old child get her daddy back to good health, all it takes is one good kidney. Thus began my act of kindness. Surgery is scheduled for December 5th.

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