I live in a retirement village, 55 and older. My elderly neighbor, she is 74 only 6 years older than myself, but she is in worse shape. She walks with a walker and suffers from some form of cancer. I was a thrift store and saw a rain slicker in a small pouch. I remembered that someone had mentioned that they wanted a slicker. I couldn't remember who. Later while talking to her, I remembered and told her the thrift store on the promises had one. Well, later while out with my husband I thought to myself "no, that slicker in the pouch was a cheap plastic one, it won't do, I hope she does not go buy it." My husband and I stopped at an estate sale, in the closet the closet sometime green caught my eye. It was a nice new slicker cape made out of pvc. I bought it, when I returned home I put it on and went outside, my neighbor and her friend loved my modeling act and said the slicker was beautiful. I promptly gave it to my neighbor, she was so grateful. My grandson asked me, "Why does she want a slicker in California?" I said, "She walks with a walker, and slow, so by the time she gets to her car she would be soaked."

  • United States