I am a student from India planning to do masters in HPC. This story happened in my Btech when I was on my return journey to college after holidays. I was waiting for my train and I saw an elderly couple in their 60's or probably 70's waiting for some train. It is clear from their state that they have little hearing deficiency probably due to old age and having trouble to hear announcements. After some time the elderly man approached me and asked details about particular train then I gave all the details and gave assurance that I am also waiting for the same train I will inform you when it arrives. Then there was an announcement that our train is arriving at different platform!!! All people hurried to next platform with their luggage because the train will not wait more than a few minutes. I too had a lot of luggage and informed the couple that train is arriving at another platform and sprinted to catch it. But after running some distance I realised that the couple could not make it because their luggage is heavy so I went back and took some of their luggage and we rushed to train as it has already started moving. Finally, after a lot of effort, I could get the couple inside the train and they were happy that they finally made it and thanked me for helping them. But the story does not end here when we finally reached our destination I realized that I was short of some money to reach my college !! Then I was about to leave the railway station same elderly couple thanked me again for the help and asked where I was going I said Kakinada [town] and they said they were also going to Kakinada and asked me to come with them. Finally, I joined them and safely reached my college, In fact, they paid the fare for auto [remember I did not ask anything] I was so moved by their love and affection. They said, "you are like our grandson this our house and you can come anytime you want".

I realized that helping people gives immense happiness and some day you will get the help you need. Luckily in my case, I got it immediately. The important point is this particular incident made me more altruistic.

Now just think my journey would have been just boring and normal if I had not helped the elderly couple. So I believe helping people makes life more ‚Äčinteresting.

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