Hello everyone,
In the past, I haven't shared too much detail about how Yours Kindly came about, so I thought with our kindness community growing, you might like to know the story behind this page.
Last year, I decided to do something positive and uplifting for others. I wanted to show kindness and care for people I had never met and more than likely would never meet.
After much thought, I decided upon several things; volunteering to help children learn English in India via Skype, which I still do and also starting the Yours Kindly page as a way of sharing kindness to whoever came across my page via kind acts and words.
When starting this Facebook page, I chose to go by the name Cate, a name a few very close friends call me, however most people in my life know me as Cathy. Initially, Yours Kindly was about anonymously doing kind acts and sharing kind words without personal recognition. I never intended for this page to be about me. Instead, it was more about building a community of Kindness Warriors with other like-minded people who also want to see and be the good in the world.
As we have progressed the aim of connecting and sharing kindness through inspiring acts, deeds and words with people all around the globe remains to be in the forefront.
My belief is clear and simple;
1. to let other's know that I notice them, and I care by wanting to make an uplifting impact on their day/life through kindness.
2. to share and spread kindness far and wide, making the world a brighter place.
3. to send reminders about being kind to ourselves too ( mistakes happen, and that is ok)
4. to connect with fellow Kindness Warriors through positivity, encouragement and support.
5. to be the best possible version of me and try to be even better tomorrow than what I am today.
I see this page as 'our' Yours Kindly community as we are all circulating and giving happiness and good vibes to all.
I receive many comments and private messages of thanks and support, and I am always so grateful and humbled by the kind words of encouragement. So this is my sincere appreciation to all of you.
Be kind.
Yours Kindly, Cate :)

  • Australia