My entire family is a mess. It's up to the point that everyone started cutting each other off in their lifes. Because of this, I haven't seen my cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandma in months. Yesterday, I decided to drive over to my grandma to visit her. I usually got the car to drive around, but I've been working so much in the summer that I didn't have any time. I've also been really busy with school this semester, and yesterday was the only time I have gotten a day off. When I drove by, I saw my uncle was home, so I decided to buy my grandma tea and my uncle coffee. When I got there, my uncle opened the door and he started crying. He explained that I was the only grandkid who ever visited her within 6 months, and that my grandma was really glad that I came over. I never knew a small act like this could change anyones day, but I'm glad I could go over and visit both of them.

  • Canada