When I sit back and think about something kind I may have done in my life, I cannot help it but to remember those painful moments I still cannot forgive myself for when I saw a young, old, man, woman, crying in the public, bursting in emotional pain, and I just walked by.... They may have needed a shoulder, a simple hug in silence or just a word that it will be alright, but I was just too scared to be kind. Until once, right before Christmas last year, I stood up for my instinct and did what I felt was right.

It was just a few days left till the big Family day, Christmas. My spontaneous mind drifted me to the evening market in the main city square, to grab a glass of hot wine and appreciate that gorgeous Christmas Tree. I felt so good inside, so brave, I knew I would end up letting it all out somehow. And I did. Right when I was leaving the market, my eyes spotted a girl sitting by the corner, all alone, staring at that tree, you could feel she was not okay. I walked by, and I did feel like continuing walking, but I stopped and looked back at her. I just couldn't help it, I finally had to do something about the pain I felt in the stranger. So I walked all the way back to the market, grabbed two cups of hot chocolate, and walked to the girl. "Would it be very weird if I sit down next to you and we both had some hot chocolate?" I asked. She was really confused at first. But I sit down, and we talked. She did tell me what was wrong, I did encourage her that things would go right and she would be fine. I didn't ask her name, she doesn't even know mine. But that day, I know, that I helped someone feel much much better, by giving her my attention, and by listening... I felt so good in the end. I finally accomplished something I always felt like I had to do.

We people do need to learn how to step over our own obstacles to be kind for the others, instead of locking ourselves in individual boxes, and it does take time. But one and the most beautiful thing about Kindness is, that it's like a chain - once you start from yourself, it will come back to you in all the possible different ways... :)

  • Republic of Lithuania