I started the idea of doing ''mojos''. A mojo is an artistic expression. It can be a letter, a picture, a video, a collage, a painting : absolutely every possible way of expressing yourself by using an artistic form. I decided to do many mojos ( over 25 ) and send them to people I love that are far from me and people I've met or not even met. It felt hard to send pieces of art that represent a LOT to me. My main issue was are they going to take care of what I sent. At this time now, I imagine those people who'll receive those mojos and smile, this is everything... Maybe they were havin a bad day but they will smile for sure when they'll receive those mojos comin with love and passion from another continent.
This one was sent to a lady I met in Croatia ( we talked for 2 hours and I felt connected to her )
My name is Yassine Rachidi and I love beyond borders.

  • Canada