Every year on Christmas eve I fill up the gas tank in whatever car I've managed to borrow for the afternoon/evening. Decorate it with battery powered Christmas lights and bows and go to a local coffee shop to get 10-15 gift cards for $2 each. I usually pay for everyone's beverages in line with me also. Then I get in the car and start driving; offering anyone who seems stranded or is at a bus stop (buses in my area usually run crazy late on Christmas eve) a ride home. Or Anywhere else. Anyone who doesn't want or need a ride gets a gift card so they can get coffee/hot chocolate. I often end up visiting the local bus terminal and picking up at least one stranded person and drive them to their out-of-town destination. This is my present to myself every year. It's my small way (it really never costs me more than $60-$80 for the whole evening, some of which is paid for by relatives as I refuse any other Christmas gifts) of helping people be home for the holidays.

  • Canada