It happened this very morning. I wanted to go to school by a car, but decided, that it was wiser to go with a bus, as I am used to taking it every day. I also recently got a drivers license and a car to use. So as I arrived there - shortly after I could see an elderly woman walking to the bus stop where I was already standing. She was walking with a cane and when she reached me she said a brisky " Hello". I liked her for that. We waited for the bus for nearly 15 minutes. The bus was nowhere to be seen. She then told us- there were several people more waiting- that she needs to catch a bus to go and see her eye doctor in another town. I said that I have a car and as her I also need to be at school on time. So I offered that I take her with me and to the town. I drove her there with plenty time to share, to just make sure that she would really get on the bus she needed. She was really grateful for that and kept saying "thank you". I watched her retreating to the bus station and drove to school.

  • Estonia