Hello all you lovely kind people. Thankyou for your storys, they are very inspiring.
My story is, I have always seemed to know from quite a young age when someone was unhappy, even if I didn't know them. I would make eye contact and smile. I knew how just one smile can change your day. I had a difficult childhood and very often spent time alone and sad. Every now and then, someone would smile at me and it made me feel good. So I started to smile at people I felt were sad. Later on as a teenager and through my 20's I became angry with the way the world was run. I didn't understand wars (still don't) or unkindness to anyone, no matter where in the world they came from. I shouted and protested about so much over that time in my life. Then came a time when I got to my 30's and realized that the shouting and protesting doesn't get you anywhere. It can make you ill infact. So I decided to try to change the world in another way. I formed a group of people called The Smile Polce. :-) Our motto is, All for one and one for all, changing the world one smile at a time. This is done by simply being kind and funny sometimes :-)
As a group we are still going strong and getting bigger all the time. We do fundraisers to help local charity, all at a cost to ourselves and donations from other kind people. Myself and a friend started another local group recently called 'Warming up the homeless' We collect donations of sleeping bags. Warm clothes. etc. and go out onto the streets in the evening with flasks of hot water to make drinks and hot soups. We hand out wash packs, breakfast packs, fruit juice, friut, breakfast bars. etc. We also point them in the right direction for any help they might need.
I feel healthier for doing acts of kindness, it is much better than shouting and protesting.
I always smile at everyone I meet. Always.
Much love to you all, keep on being kind. It will and is changing the world. :-) xx

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