Hey, I'm from Philippines and I'm glad a lot of people here are sharing stories about how they value human interaction. It's good to hear stories from across the globe.

What I'll be sharing is the usual thing that happens to me everyday. Due to my work I am connecting with a lot of people. I don't know about you guys but for me just a simple act of "Good Morning", a simple "How're you today?" and "Thanks, have a good day" always make an impact. Everyday I managed to ask my client first on how they are before proceeding with our matters. I always smile in every person I meet in our hallway and acknowledge them, mostly our janitors.

Guess what?

What I have in return are their shy yet beautiful smiles, the crinkles in their faces as their lips lift up fitting those lights in their eyes.

It's true that the small things are the things that really matter for it is the tiny pieces that make something big. :)

So I wish everyone here a good day ahead and remember that you are loved.

  • Philippines