I was at a clinic to see a physician. I was third in the queue but the doctor was late and I had already waited for an hour when this mom came in with a toddler sleeping in her arms. Another 30 mins passed and the toddler woke up crying and he was inplacatable.

I have a 2 year old daughter too and I could empathise with the mother and sick child. There was some deliberation but I decided to pluck up the courage and approached her and asked if she wanted to swap her queue number with me. We then went to the counter and informed the clinic assistant to swap us up.

Long story short, the Dr arrived and the clinic assistant gave them priority to see him first. She also put me back to being third in the queue. The outcome didn't change, but I felt good for acting in kindness and the mum gave me a smile when I bumped into her again. I have made someone's day. Priceless.

  • Singapore