Last Christmas Eve I think it was, in Croydon, London, I was working at the time in McDonald's. at the time I was only 19 and struggled for money, I hated my job and how it made me feel but I wanted to make sure I had enough money to treat all my family that year as they have gone through a lot and done so much for me,
Anyway after my long shift on xmas eve I was walking to the train station, I had seen the same homeless man sitting by the station, he had a dog with him who was wearing antlers like rudolf and the man was politely asking people if they could spare any money for him and as he was getting rejected by most if not ignored, this man was still after being rejected wishing everyone a merry Christmas, my heart fell apart as although I don't have much I wanted to help this man, I was half way past him to the station and I realised I didn't have any money but I had something better, working in McDonalds I used to have a lot of free hot drinks and I'd save the stickers off them to fill up cards for a free drink which I used to save for my nan for her usual shopping trip, on this case I knew she wouldn't need it as much so I turned around in the busy street and headed black to the man, I crouched down beside him and apologised for not being able to give him any money and I said I have a voucher for him to buy a hot drink instead, and told him I hope it will help to keep him warm, I could see the look in this mans face and he kept saying thank you and he hopes I have a good Christmas. I could see even this small thing really meant a lot to him.

I really think that it's the small things that mean a lot to people, human interaction even, and I really feel the less you have means the more you can give. I'll never forget this man and how greatful he was for what I did, I didn't do it for gratitude but it's encouraged me to do more for people because of the warm feeling you get inside for even making someone's day a little brighter.

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