I would love to inspire kindness to Animals today. In my old home, 9miles away from where I live today... My house was always surrounded by stray cats. They all seemed hungry, and one fine day I decided to feed one of them. It's such a simple act to give - but the look on that cat's face just seemed to amplify what I have done. Eventually, I started feeding all the stray cats on my street.

And one day I had to move and sell my house due to financial issues... 9miles away. But I kept coming back to my old neighbourhood to feed them twice or three times a week. To my surprise, I found that the security guards at my old neighbourhood were so touched by what I did - that they took up my role after I left! Even to the point of sharing their own food for the homeless kitties, and loving them by tying little ribbons or bells on their necks. Such simple things touches hearts.

What I realised was... That these stray dogs or cats aren't asking for much. A little food, but more than that... A little space in your heart to love them. I have cured sick cats just by loving them back to health. I cannot afford to spay them or adopt them... But my love is enough for now.

Next time you see a stray - give it some love or some food. I promise you, you would have saved a life.

In the pic above is my new neighbourhood, with two kittens loiter around my place, waiting for their mummy to come out and love them. They don't eat much, but boy - do they love MUCH! What you give you will receive. And I have given love... And received so much more love from many strangers and friends in return. The cats even inspired me to be Vegetarian! Five years a vegetarian and going strong... Hoping to save more lives in the coming years.

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