So, this happened a few months ago. I work for a nonprofit that works with kids so we need a lot of craft supplies. I was going to Walmart to get some random items and I wasn't in a very good mood because it was raining. Luckily it wasn't an all out downpour but it wasn't a light drizzle either. I moved to grab my umbrella from the backseat of my car when I saw a lady getting out of her car. She had a cane and a really noticeable limp. I quickly jumped out of my car with my bag and umbrella and ran over to her. She was surprised to say the least and insisted that I didn't have to help. Of course I was going to walk her into the store. As we walked in at her pace she told me she just had surgery on her knee and it was impossible for her to carry an umbrella and cane at the same time. We just talked and laughed quietly between us until we got into the store. She thanked me and I only smiled and said it was okay. I grabbed her a cart and we went our separate ways. My day was instantly brighter than it was before. This story is what I remember when I need a pick me up :)

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