Since being a young teen I've felt a restless urge to 'DO SOMETHING' I never knew what, all I knew was I wanted it to impact positively on those around me. A good friend was in the church and had an opportunity to go and help out in a homeless shelter, the catch was, it's through the church....and I don't believe in god! I had to lie to my family about where I was and lie to the volunteers about why I was there...I didn't want to pray to these people, I didn't think the imaginary man in the sky might help them out, I wanted desperately to hear their stories and what they had to say. It was the best thing I ever did. I got in so much shit from my family when they found out I had lied but they couldn't be *that* mad. I was giving up my spare time to give a listening ear to the homeless men and women of Bath, Somerset. I think deep down they respected me for using my own judgement of right and wrong.

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