This is my beautiful 10 year old sister Shiloh. Our mom doesn't get to do the stuff a mom should with her, and they're more poor than me and trust me that's poor. So I took her for a week. I let her play with my Two year old Daughter she wants a sister so bad! We went to the beach, had a picnic, and went garage saling! She had grown out of all her undergarments and I felt awful so I got her a good supply at the Mall. I also gave her my old MP3 player and some headphones so she could escape when things are getting bad at home. I had a talk with her and said now first let me tell you the worst way to view what I have in life. She immediately after was shocked I could be happy. Then I told her the positive. She couldn't stop smiling especially when I included my luck of having her as a loving sister and Aunt to my daughter. She's been doing better in school now, and wants to start a charity when she grows up for families in need. I'm so proud of her. :')

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