In my late teens, I was crying on public transport one night because I'd had an awful fight with my boyfriend at the time.

Though perhaps a bit young and silly, I was feeling in my heart of hearts that this person, my absolute everything, was gone from my life forever.

The man sitting next to me glanced over a few times. First of all, he asked me if I was alright, and then upon seeing the state of my face, gently hugged me (like a father would a child). Then he let me cry all my snot and tears into the crook of his neck. When I had calmed down, he let me have one earphone of his iPod to listen to a band of my choice. We listened to '1979' by Smashing Pumpkins with my head on his shoulder. Though still upset, I felt calm and somewhat supported.

This beautiful stranger gave me the gift of kindness, without asking or needing anything in return. I wish I could tell him how much his love helped on that lonely train ride back into the city.

  • Australia