This is about the acts of kindness that happened to me but please excuse me for my bad English. :)

When i was in Grade 7, there cam a time when it was the feast day of St. Therese if the Child Jesus and because our subject was religion, my class was given the opportunity to go outside and welcome her relics which passed by our school. As the parade passed by, it sang a song and my heart was just full of happiness that I cried. I didn't know why but I knew that I did. After that, our teacher told us that her relics would be kept in the church near our subdivision and after that it would be transferred to the next parish tomorrow. So i made it my mission to go there because I knew that it would be my only chance. So after school, I picked up my best friend from her classroom but on the way, I had to pass the parking lot. Out of nowhere, all the coloring materials I had in my paper bag fell out of it and everything just splattered on the side walk because my paper bag was worn out and just gave up. My Backpack was full sot he only hope I had was to carry everything in my arms while I commuted. Then all of a sudden a woman approached me from the car the incident happened in front of. She came out at had an eco bag in her hand. She literally helped me pick up everything and put it in the bag. I asked when i could give it back and she told me not to, it was now mine. I was so happy and couldn't believe what happened. So i said thank you a number of times and went to my best friend. I told her everything that happened and she too was overwhelmed saying "Ang swerte mo naman" or in English "You're so lucky". So we went home, Ima was the first one to get off then i was left alone. I rode the tricycle and hurried my way back home. I put all of my things down and dress into the only red clothing I had and told one of our Ates to come with me going to the church because I wasn't permitted to do so alone. Then I told ate that we were going to walk, though I had money. After, a tricycle came by and asked us where we were heading. i told the driver "sa Church po" then he told us to ride. So we went in and as we reached the church, i put out my wallet and asked him how much. He just smiled. I wondered why. So I asked again how much, and yet k=he kept on smiling, looked at me, and said. "Don't mind about it. It's free." Indeed it was a short distance between the point where he picked us up and the point where we got off, but knowing drivers, once you ride, you'll become obliged to pay. So it was just amazing for this to happen. Then i went into the church came across the relics prayed and when me and Ate were going back, we saw the driver picking up his family, all wearing red, and the we're all smiling and waving at us. It was just amazing to see their smiles. It's not always that you get kindness 3 times a day. Maybe, but not as evident as this. Even more the kindness of heart given to a person. Its just amazing to see in people that there is hope in spreading kindness. That's why I admire this site and it's initiative. I'm aware that we should be kind, but there isn't much motivation for that. This site will surely serve as one, and I hope it will be the start of the foundation of making the culture of people lives as an act of being kind, and not just something to think about but something one naturally does

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