2 months ago, as I had just moved in my new 3-stories-apartment building, I took some free time to clean the floors of the common areas in the building. This building is an old renovated farm and we have no landlord, as the chores should be done by each of the renters in the house.
The floors and handrails had not been cleaned for months, and many moves had occurred in that same period of time, which made the floors vers dirty.
Shortly after I had started to wipe and clean the floors, a good flowers fragrance invaded the hall and the stairways. We could smell the sent of happiness fill the building.
The same day, 2 neighbors thanked me for the gesture.
The person who was responsible of this chore also thanked me and apologized for not taking the time to do it earlier.
3 days later, I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a neighbor, who thanked me for what I had done.
Showing kindness and helping others is a gesture of love towards others. It should not be an obligation, a chore , a duty , nor a mean to receive something in return. It is TRUE love for mankind.

  • Switzerland