Hello, I'm Shinta and I'm a college student in Bandung, Indonesia. Since I was a kid, I'm always eager to do every act of kindness that I can pull to trigger the people around me. Before moving to Bandung due to attending college, I've lived in Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia) since I was born until I graduated high school. Living in Jakarta was hard. Every people I met was almost always mean to each other. It was stressing but I know, adding more bad acts will never cut the chain. So I'm determined to change the mean side of everyone around me by thinking hard what kind of kindness I could do to them so they may perhaps be influenced and can transmit the kindness vibes too.
One of my kind act I want to share (especially for people who really want to do kind acts but do not know where and how to begin) is cooking extra food for our friends. Since I'm not so rich and living far from my family and being a college student in an institute of technology depleted almost all my time, I think this is one of things I could do. Buying food in cafetaria or even low-level restaurant is still more expensive than cooking the food on my own even though I have to sacrifice a bit of my resting time. Everytime I cook, I make extra portion for a couple of people so some of my more-unfortunate-friends can enjoy my meal too. I know this may be a not-so-impactful-act by most people, but to my friends, the food they ate from me were the savior of the day so they could keep living without having to starve all the time. I hope perhaps more people could conduct this too, and cooking on your own is best because you can handle the quality and the hygiene aspect of your own food.
Thanks for having your precious time to read this, may God bless you.

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