I'm a portuguese medicine student and last year I went for the first time to the nursery of an hospital. My tutor told me to do a clinical story of a patient who had a unknown disease and was been there for 2 months while doctors reached for answers. I began to talk to him and he was kind, had a hard story of life, had lost an eye many years ago and had no family at all. So, after a few hours talking I needed to examine him and asked him to show me his mouth. He was very shy and sad and when I asked, he told me they didn't brushed his teeth for 2 months because he hadn't brought his toothbrush and had no one who can bring it to him. That day I bought him a toothbrush and a toothpast and next day I gave that to him so he could brush his teeth. He cryed a little bit and warmed my heart.

  • Portugal