Me and my husband just dropped our children to kinder garden and we were in front of our building looking at our car...discussing if it is straight or not :)).

He got the heavy stuff from the car and headed to the elevator through the mess in front of the building(there are some upgrades made). As i followed him I noticed a woman with a cane trying to descend down the stairs.
I went to her and asked if she needs any help...and she answered with a very warm voice..."If you could, dear..." I melted...her voice was pure velvet...and as i felt her hand i got even more impressed about how soft and worm it was.
She descended very slowly but she was such a warm presence i did not mind at all.
The second thing that hit me as I held her hand was the way she was an incredible perfume..I just couldn't help my self and told her that she smelled divine...she answered " least that much class I have left at this age...if the rest is not so good anymore". I said "But you know you still have a good heart left.." she replied "But not many see that..." I said in a second "I do!" She couldn't reply anymore...maybe she felt like crying...i don't know...I would have....
She thanked me as she was walking away...and I felt like the world has again hope...for there are still good people in it...this woman is one of them.

  • Romania