I saw a frail old woman with a walking stick looking wistfully at the door of a bakery. There was a steep staircase down to the shop, so I asked her if she'd like me to go down for her. "Oh yes please!" she said. "I would like a cake - any cake, I don't mind". I went down and asked the baker if she knew the woman and what cake she would like, but she had no idea, so I chose the cake I would have eaten if I hadn't been on a diet! When I brought it back up to her, she got her purse out to pay, but I told her that it was a present. She grabbed my arm with tears in her eyes and said, "God bless you my child. May God bless you for your kindness - you don't know what that means to me". I hurried away, moved to tears myself that such a little thing for me meant so much to her. Little acts of kindness like this feel bitter-sweet to me. They are nice and make both the giver and the receiver feel better, but they also feel 'easy'. I am sure that it would have meant a lot more to that lady if I had walked her home, or had a proper chat with her. Sometimes it almost feels like opening a door to a bottomless pit of need. But then I think about times where little kindnesses that I have received are enough to just turn your day around. This is a great initiative kindness.org! Keep it up!

  • France