My story doesn't have as much to do with those who currently serve. I try to be kind to anyone who serves. Waitstaff, staff at the doctor's office, store clerks and pretty much everyone. What most of us don't realize is that there is an entire unrecognized population of people who need even more kindness. Those who used to serve. I am an EMT and I specialize in long distance transports and many hospital to hospital or even hospital to home transports. The majority of my patients are the elderly. What I have noticed is that most of them are unhappy. Many are confused or in pain and the staff at most (not all, of course) long term care facilities and hospitals are too jaded to recognize the need for interaction and kindness in these people. The soldiers, waitresses, mailman and doctors who have come and given their service before us. Many have no family and never get visitors. Therefore, it has been my personal mission to get a smile or a laugh before our trip is done. I try to be that friend, even if for a short time, that they don't have. It makes my job easier to see someone I admire for the experience and life they have lived instead of someone at the end of their life.

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