Two recent things come to mind:

One, my incredible husband had gone out to the Dollar store and bought a couple of umbrellas and rain ponchos to have on hand in case we ever ran into anyone that needed them, some of which we kept in the car. I was driving along in a sudden rain storm when I saw a child running home in the rain with a down coat on (obviously not waterproof and with no hood), so I pulled over and called to him from across the vehicle to take an umbrella, "It's a gift, take it, open and stay dry.". He was a little bit suspicious but did take it and open it.

Two, I was driving my children to run errands when I saw a large motorhome coming down a strange street for a motorhome to be in. I paid a little extra attention to where they were driving, thinking that they may be lost and looking for our local city campground. Then I saw them pull over, so I quickly bee lined it over to where they were and called from the window, "Are you looking for the campground?" They were lost! I turned the car around and told them to follow us. We drove them to the campground, they were so grateful (which I understand completely, having a motorhome ourselves).

It fills my heart to offer what I have. Love the human connection.

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