It was 1st JANUARY, NEW YEAR. My cousin had come from abroad for vacation to visit us. She makes sure that she visits an orphanage and distribute sweets to the children there. This time she told me to accompany her,for which i was hesitant at first but later agreed.I was hesitant as i thought it was boring and it would be better to spend some time with my friends and enjoy. It was 6 pm in the evening and we entered into the orphanage.There were about 60 children of age groups between 6 to 16. We were welcomed by a very big "HAPPY NEW YEAR " by them. Then they sat in 6 rows of 10 people. Me and my cousins started distributing the sweets. I started with the first row. When i gave them the packet each one of them told me "thank you". It was the first time that i could feel so much of happiness just by hearing a thank you from someone. Later I sat with them and discussed many things with them.What i learnt from them was that your experiences in your life is what makes you what you are. There was this girl whom i asked what was her ambition in her life, she replied that she wanted to become a police, and when i asked why, she told she wanted to become a police and shut down all the liquor shops in India. Then i asked her how was she able to think in such a way. Her reply astonished me. She told it was her experience. She told that her father used to come home drunk daily and beat up her mother and that was how her father died. At one point i felt lucky about myself when compared to them. Later interacting with many other children i found out that they were way more talented, as many of them sang beautifully and all of them had black belt in taekwando. They made me sing a song and also made my cousins dance. Later after spending about 1 hour with them, we were about to leave. At that time all of them had one question " When will you people come back here?" I replied "next year". All of them became sad and told me to come visit them at least few times a year and also asked me to learn some dance and come.I replied with a "Yes" and left. That day all i understood was "All they wanted was some of "your time" in their life, the sweets might not have made them much happy,but surely our presence did".


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